About Us

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In 2009 we started out making small batches of wine for our own enjoyment at Terravant, a fantastic wine-making facility in Buellton, California (a city made famous by the wine movie SIDEWAYS). Other well-known Santa Ynez Valley winemakers producing at Terravant are The Hitching Post WineryAlma RosaKen Brown and Summerland,  When in that area Terravant’s great restaurant and tasting room, Avant, provides the best opportunity in The Valley to taste wines from multiple wineries as its Wine Wall has 52 different Valley wines available to try, including our wines.

Fortunately, our wines have been well-received and various friends (and restaurant owners) suggested that we make them available to the public. In fact, Bertrand Hug, owner of Mille Fleurs (a top 100 restaurant) and Bertrand at Mr. A’s told us that he would like to sell our wines in his restaurants.

In 2009, for what seemed like months, we sat at the dining room table designing our labels while sampling our wines.  Where does one start? As we sat there going over ideas Murphy, our black lab, insisted on sitting under our feet while Maggie, our skateboard-riding bulldog, sat there looking up at us with a tennis ball in her mouth, imploring someone to throw the ball for her.  Naturally, our three black and white cats, Cherry, Angel and Lucky, sat close to us, either on a lap, behind one of us on a chair or on an empty chair.  Our decision for the subject of our labels could not have been more clear.  In one sense we have made our pets immortal.

So, more than eight years since we started making wines we are now taking our wines to market.   

Our Wine Style

From the outset we tried to make wines in the style that we like the most. If you like the flavor profiles below, you should really enjoy our wines:

Chardonnay: We prefer the “California” style of Chardonnay which is creamy and slightly buttery with a bit of oak. The oak adds a small amount of vanilla flavor and a smoothness/roundedness to the wine.

Pinot Noir: We prefer Pinot that has more body and a darker color than the typical “wispy” Pinot that is most common. We like to say that we make Pinot that even a Cabernet drinker likes.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Big, Bad, Bold, Dark and Oaky, with flavors of black cherry, raspberry, chocolate, a hint of vanilla, and some mint. Although it definitely has layers, it is not subtle. 

Thank you so much for purchasing our wine and for helping us support animal welfare organizations.

Skip and Maureen Coomber