Multi-vineyard wines made especially to fit the “big” flavor profiles that we prefer, yet subtle enough to go well even without food accompanying them.

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Signature Collection

Our big but elegant wines, with pleasant aromas of dark fruits, chocolate, mint, eucalyptus, vanilla and kola nut.  To be enjoyed in the company of the animals & friends that complete your family. 

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Private Reserve

Specially selected rare grapes from single vineyards chosen to provide extra depth and layers of flavor.

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A wink to The Coomber Family's beloved skateboard-riding Bulldog, Maggie. She is a California Girl. Born and bred. She proves that you do not need a pretty face to make it in this world, but it helps.

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When we think of a high-end Russian River Chardonnay we're reminded of lemon cake. We call this beautiful chardonnay with a bit of lemony-zest, and just a faint hint of sugar, LemonCake!